Why a coach in business?

Written By: Steve Levy

The world is changing at a pace we have not experienced before, couple this with the highly competitive global markets, and well-educated consumers looking for extraordinary service and customer experience, requires more than only good Leadership to “Lead the Charge”.

Now, more important than ever before, the call is for Extraordinary Leadership and High Preforming Teams, to be laser focused on doing what they do best, and be agile enough to adapt to change as quickly as possible and offer the value their clients/prospective clients are looking for.

As a leader or business owner, what would you say to having a partner who has no share or say in your business and has no desire to have either?

A partner who is absolutely committed to having your full interests at heart, trusts you know the answers, and should you not see or have them, will work with you unpack them or look for the resource to find them.

A partner who will walk your journey with you every step of the way, no matter the challenges you face as you Summit your Everest, providing the necessary tools to support you, as well as hold you accountable to your commitments, creating the highest probability of achieving your desired outcomes.

This partner, comes in the form of a Coach in Business...

"Why have a coach you may ask, and how can they be of value?"

The best sportsman in the world, people who are at the top of their game, have coaches. These sportsmen are better at their sport than the coach themselves. However, the coach has experience in their field of sport, is there solely for the individual/team, to help them see what they are not seeing, and to develop them, both physically and mentally, in order for them to consistently perform at their best.

Firstly, the coach has the privilege of not being emotionally attached to you or your business and looks from the outside in, enabling you to look from the inside out.

The coach will put you first in line, guiding and supporting you to get to know yourself on a deeper level, understanding what needs are required to be met, in order for you as Leader to show up at your extraordinary best. When this happens, you are able to guide and support your teams - those you lead - developing them into high performing teams and as a result, a high performing organisation.

The outcome of the coaching journey is very m

uch dependent on you and your coach developing a strong relationship of trust, allowing true open communication and the freedom to challenge and hold you accountable to the commitments YOU made in making change, making a difference and in turn making a meaningful contribution, not only to your team, your organisation and your clients, but to the world around you.

The business/ entrepreneurial journey is a tough and lonely one, yet it does not have to be travelled alone.

The question you should be asking of yourself is not - "How much it costs to engage the services of a coach, but rather, what is the cost of not?"

My name is Steven Levy, owner and founder of Dare2be Coaching & Beyond, who has 36yrs experience in various leadership roles, both in the corporate world and my own businesses, including 5yrs as a Global Leaders Coach. It is this journey that has informed me how influential Leadership is, making it any organisations most competitive advantage.

As it is not a “one size fits all”, I coach a journey not a program, where TOGETHER, we clearly understand where it is you are wanting to go, what your current position is, what is holding you back and finding the resource to overcome these challenges, implementing actionable, measurable change that is sustainable and highly contributes to creating the highest probability of achieving your desired outcomes.

Website – www.dare2be.co.za

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