Taking Ownership of your Data!

Written by Andries Bester

Managing Director of Paradigm Hosting

In today's world you guaranteed to receive an email scam from a Nigerian prince on at least one occasion in your life, the other guarantee is that your data might get hacked or sold online. Securing your data and establish infrastructure for your business in now the most important next step.

I have spent the last few years educating and demonstrating to businesses of all sizes the value of effective infrastructure for your business technology needs with a specialisation in cloud computing, analytics, security and now protection of personal information. The nature of the technological age has brought upon us the joys of having to deal with a subtle stress of worrying when your personal or business data may be compromised through low security measures either by our own lack of understanding or those to whom we place our trust in to keep our personal data safe.

This is where business owners can prevent their reputation being damaged through effective strategies that will alleviate constant stress and daily management through outsourced solutions that will ensure their data security compliance, stable and trusted cloud computing and various other eco-systems that will prevent any major data breaches in the future.

Taking these steps may seem confusing and somewhat overwhelming but when you work with partners who will work in the best interests of your business then you're bound to see positive steps being taken to create a simple and effective solution for your business. Data security and ownership should not be a daunting process and that is where understanding the environment and having someone who is knowledgeable and can assist will bring an ease of management in a department in your business that can bring headaches regularly. Paradigm Hosting is pioneering a new form of outsourced services and knowledge centre for business owners that need the support of a partner who understands every dynamic change that can occur daily and resolve challenges effectively without causing any major disruption to your daily operations.

We are the TFA (Two-Factor Authentication) to your business. Protecting you and your business into the future!

Trust the experience and knowledge of Paradigm Hosting. Pioneering data security and ownership.

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