Entrepreneurship 101

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Written by Trevor Mclachlan -

Chairman of the McA Group of Companies

In this world of challenges, are you embracing your business and personal life with positives and enthusiasm? If yes, then you're on the right track.

If not, then there are some great ways to identify ways to bring in exciting changes to change your mindset.

The term, Entrepreneur, should shout out 'Exciting' and if not, then its time to do some reflection and here is a checklist you can do on your and your business to see how you can bring exciting back into your space.

  • Do you embrace change?

  • Do you know your constraints?

  • Do you invest in people?

  • The word 'cannot' does not exist for an entrepreneur, does this exist in your work or personal environment?

  • Do you have mechanisms that are holding you accountable? Dashboards and/or scoreboards?

  • Are you surrounded by the right people? The right management, staff and hand-picked professionals? (this is an investment not a cost)

  • Do you understand your working capital and where your capital is?

  • Do you understand EQ and how it plays a role in leadership?

  • Do you have the correct communication channels and systems for you and your business?

  • Does your business have a suitable and well-thought digital presence? Social Media? Customer engagement?

  • Do you have the correct perception of your business and personal life?

  • Do you know your bottom line?

The above questions are and select terms are traits that business leaders understand and aspire to continuously without falter. Growth is gradual and effective, not instantaneous!.

In being a professional in the accounting and taxation world and having founded companies that focus on business solutions, I have been observing and advising companies for multiple decades now. There is no rule book or one-size-fits-all method on success, but the following do stand out:

  1. Resilience

  2. Logical Initiative

  3. Understanding finances / capital

  4. Taking Action

  5. Energy

South Africa needs these types of leaders and business owners. I have found that working with a company like &More, has demonstrated why we can uncover this opportunity in every leader and business. Establishing a community of support, solutions and structures that ensure that SME's grow and become sustainable into a bright future.

Let's work together. Let's pioneer tomorrow!

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