Branding... It can make or break your business.

Written by Rowan de Villiers -

Group Managing Director of &More Group

Do you ever wonder what big brands would do if their customers stopped posting on social media about them? Or, if fashion brand would do if they lost their aspirational status in their marketing? They'd lose value, right? In the years that I've worked with established and start-up brands, I have discovered that each business needs its own strategy that makes them unique and special to the market. Branding and brand message play a key role in the marketing of a brand and, therefore, as business owners it is imperative that we focus on growing our brand message and brand through the right channels and campaigns. When you see an interesting brand, do we not Google the brand to see what they are all about? I think all are guilty of this in some way or form. Whether it is Googling the restaurant you're heading to, searching to find the best place to watch the sunset or to check whether the place you've heard about has a good rating. In this digital age, as businesses we all need make sure our brand image attracts a positive response and leads to a message and reputation that speaks credibility and service in the quickest form! So how do you do that? Simple.

Take the below questions and discover for yourself: 1. Does your business have a brand that customers are going to post on social media about?

2. When you google your business, does it show where your business is located and all the relevant information that customers are looking for?

3. Are you contactable?

4. Do you have good reviews or a good rating?

5. Have you engaged with your customers who review/rate your business?

6. Does your brand message stay constant across your social media?

7. Have your customers made remarks about service, price or overall experience?

8. Does your branding attract customers into your place of business?

9. Have customers shown excitement or happiness when visiting or stopping at your business?

10. Does your brand & message connect with customers?

If you answered no to more than 40% then maybe its time to engage with specialists in branding, customer service and getting the next chapter of your business started. &More Group focuses on providing customers with a one-stop shop for business solutions and we are all about establishing sustainable businesses. We know branding and brand messaging and it is only one of the many services we pride ourselves in providing our customers.

Let's work together. Let's pioneer the tomorrow of business.

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