Who We Are

Established on the belief that there is insufficient support for SMME's, &More is pioneering a business incubation company that will take your business to the next stage of its journey.

We have spent over three years developing our model with our founder, Rowan de Villiers, investing countless hours personally researching and connecting the dots. Endeavouring to help every client navigate the uncharted waters that is business ownership and establishing a sustainable future. 


Our Mission

To establish a robust and strong business culture around SMME's and their value to the global economy. 

Our business ethos has and always be unlocking the potential of businesses and creating a sustainable future for all SMME's. As the global economy faces the upheavals and instability caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever changing landscape that is Climate Change, here at &More we look towards the future with optimism as we help businesses find cost effective solutions to their changing needs. Pioneering Tomorrow. 

Core Values

Human Connection

In the age of technology, society still appreciates the human touch and connection.  &More places high priority of maintaining a strong human connection with all our clients. 


Sustainability makes most people think about environmental sustainability, however, we believe in overall sustainability of business and how that directly impacts our day to day lives. We want every person to understand their impact.


We believe that every business, human and culture has a strong value in the community it invests in. Therefore, we aim to build a strong community of businesses throughout South Africa that continues to support the local and global economy. 


Communication is key to the success of any business. At &More we believe that communication will not only bring strength to your business but will allow us to meet the expectations of our clients without fail. When things are clear and precise then achieving goals and outcomes are realistic. 


We follow a strong ethos that strategy can encompass and meet every facet of business. We always look to implement a feasible and realistic strategy for clients.

Our strategies are always fluid, scalable and outcomes based to achieve the best results for the client.