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What We Offer

Through our tailored approach to business incubation services, &More Group can help you grow a sustainable brand for the future. 

Why Chose &More

Combining Innovation & Experience

We bring experienced and innovative minds together to maximise the results for your business. 

Dedicated to Development

We believe at &More that constant development of your business is paramount to sustainability. 

Out-of-Box Mentality for all

We take an out-of-box approach to every solution, idea or business to achieve a successful brand.

Turnkey Technological Solutions

We believe the incorporation of technological solutions are key to pioneering the future of your business.

Top Notch People

What People Say

"Being one of &More's first clients, I can honestly say the service or experience hasn't changed since day one. Rowan and his team still produce the goods every month and my business keeps growing. I can only express my gratitude for the support &More has provided."

Khadijah Daniels

Owner, K's Silver (Pty) Ltd

"&More helped establish a strong foundation for our business and today it is more than sustainable, it's profitable."

Mike & Sandra de Villiers

Owners of Chainbreaker Foods

"We’re really excited to be working with Rowan and the &More team to build the brand presence in SA."

Mike R Bufton

Business Director of Cosmic Ears UK

Pioneering New Frontiers

Our Clients & Partners

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What makes &More an effective partner?

&More establishes a great business relationship with all its clients to ensure longevity and strong business growth while not breaking the bank.

Can a contract be month-to-month?

Yes! Depending on the needs of the client we can definitely structure a contract that can be billed per hour, per month, per year, etc.

How does the Think Tank work?

At &More the Think Tank forms part of our core business offering by allowing them to take part in strategy & development sessions and other business needs without excessive costs to the client. Each member of the Think Tank can be contracted out to clients should they require hands-on involvement in their business.

Does the Nomadic Team serve multiple customers at the same time?

Yes! We are always focused on bringing the best value to our clients. Therefore our nomadic team is always moving and shifting their focus dependent on the clients needs.